Saturday, June 11, 2011

Google Moderator

I've recently been experimenting with one of Google's less well known tools, Google Moderator.  Google Moderator allows you to easily create an online discussion page were you can ask for and receive feedback from other web users about just about any subject you like.  The site's help files explain:

What does Google Moderator do?
  • Google Moderator allows you to create a series about anything that you are interested in discussing and open it up for people to submit questions, ideas, or suggestions. These are called submissions. 
  • Anyone can come to the site and submit a question, idea, or vote, and anyone can vote. Google Moderator shows you a question in the box with the blue background. This is called the Featured Question.
  • A topic is a way to break up your series into smaller, more manageable topics of discussion. You can have one topic, or multiple topics. For example, if you create a series of 'Book clubs' for your organization, topics could be 'Fiction,' 'Non-fiction,' or 'Auto-biographies.'

You can create your series right on the Google Moderator website. There is also an option to embed Moderator in an IFRAME on your own website if you wish.

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