Sunday, October 16, 2005

Name change: Nibbles and Bytes

A few months back I launched a new webzine called Nibbles and Bytes that was hosted as part of my Hoax-Slayer website. Nibbles and Bytes started out as a fortnightly webzine that featured material on a large variety of subjects. Nibbles and Bytes was intended as an expression of my desire to share some of the interesting and unusual things I've come across online.

Issues featured such items as:

  • Brief reviews of interesting and helpful websites

  • Personal comments about software that I'm trying out

  • Internet and computer tips

  • Unusual stories, factoids and trivia

  • A dash of humour

  • Basically, anything else that took my fancy (grin)

However, due to the desire to fulfil other projects (I tend to over-commit, the webzine stalled somewhat and new issues languished on my rather lengthy "to-do" list. Also, the subject matter and scope of this blog and the webzine tended to cover a lot of the same territory.

Therefore, I've decided to roll this blog and the Nibbles and Bytes Webzine into one package. The blog format makes it a lot easier and less time consuming for me to add new material.

Since I rather like the name "Nibbles and Bytes" I’ve decided to use it for this blog rather than the somewhat unwieldy "Software Reviews & PC Tips"

Just for the record…a byte is the common IT term for 8 bits. A nibble is half a byte.


Clif said...

Bravo! Whatever you call it, I'll still grab a feed. LOL

Keep up the good work Brett.

Clif &
Devoted to promoting Freeware and Free Information

Clif said...

Oh, I changed the tags at my wiki to reflect your name change. All updated in 5 minutes. No problem.

Brett Christensen said...

Hey Clif,

Thanks, hope the name change wasn't a hassle. I can't guarantee that I won't change my mind again in the