Thursday, September 29, 2005

Don't Click It - Innovative Website

Don't Click It is a very interesting website that offers a novel way of navigating. As the name implies, you can make your way around the site without clicking your mouse. There is a lot of innovative and thought provoking content on this site and it is well worth a visit.

By the way, if you accidentally click something on the site, you get told off, so to speak :).


Clif said...

I missed clicking around and voted against the new interface. LOL

Sorat said...

It is both innovative and visually appealing. I'm a computer worker and I'm annoyed at the thought that I would need to mouseclick hundreds of times per day for the rest of my life. The 4th sample seemed best. The Flash stuff seemed a bit (a _little_ bit) slow on a 600-MHz 'puter. All in all, a greeat non-clicking site.