Tuesday, June 05, 2007

SyncToy - Folder Synchronization Tool

Recently, I was looking around for a program that would allow me to easily synchronize two folders across two computers on my home network. While there are a number of applications that will perform this fairly simple task and a lot more, Microsoft's SyncToy v 1.4 turned out to be just the ticket for what I required.

This free little PowerToy makes it simple to keep the contents of two folders in sync with each other. Once you create your desired folder pair or pairs, you can then just click the "Run" button and the program will update the folders so that they both hold the very same contents. If you add, rename, delete or modify a file in one of the folders in the pair and then run SyncToy, the changes will be reflected in the second folder.

SyncToy v 1.4 works on Windows XP and Vista.

SyncToy interface


Clif Notes said...

Hi Brett,

It's nice to see this blog active once a again. If you don't mind, I'll mention it next week if I've smart enough to remember it. LOL


Brett Christensen said...

Hi Clif,

Yes, I'll try to post more now. Never enough hours in the day! Thanks for the upcoming mention..much appreciated..lol