Monday, August 29, 2005

New Site:

I've recently launched a new website that features computer tips for the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

Windows XP is highly configurable. There are a great many ways to enhance and personalize your computing experience. The computer tips and tweaks included on are designed to help you get the most out of Windows XP.

Each tip is clearly presented in plain English. Where appropriate, step-by-step instructions and screen shots are included for clarity. Windows XP tips are grouped into categories for easy access.

The site is still very new, and there are only a few tips available as yet. However, I'll be adding many more XP tips over the coming weeks. You can take a look at the new site via the link below:


Clif said...

Hi Brett, I'm sorry if I prematurely announced your site in my newsletter. I should have thought to check with you. On the other hand, the single tip I saw there was worth the trip for me. I hope others going there feel the same or find something they can use as well.

Best wishes to your new adventure!

Brett Christensen said...

Hi Clif, hey no worries at all! I appreciate the link. Actually I got quite a lot of visitors via your newsletter. I have a few more tips up there now. I would have had a few more by now, except for the hosting dramas I'm having with my other site...

Anyway, starting a new site is quite exciting in its way...or maybe I need to get a